The device of development of concentrations PRK – 1U

We offer to your attention device PRK-1U.

Device PRK-1U gives you a new way of life, helping to develop your consciousness, controlling clairvoyance, controlling forecasting, to carry out a course of rejuvenation of the whole organism. With PRK-1U you will grow spiritually, will change your life for the better, will realize the desirable events. You will be able to restore your health with the help of the device. It is a unique device, there are no analogous devices in the world. A Training program is attached to the device. According to the sublicense agreement the purchaser also gets access to the library with copyrighted materials, and has the opportunity to attend webinars with new copyright technologies related to the work of device PRK-1U. Those who are ready to enter into the Agreement for the purchase of Training Programs with device PRK-1U have a test in the course of which they become sure of the efficiency of the work with the device.

The test of the device among the group of 128 applicants has shown that anyone, who has tested it, has very good results of using the device from the first time. That is, an important characteristic of the device, such as a systematic approach in the work of the device, is functioning. This characteristic was laid by Grigori Grabovoi in the design of the device, since all should be able to live eternally.

For manufacturing and using the device PRK-1U according Sub-license agreement you need first of all to send on e- mail  an Application for testing the device by the applicant or group of applicants.


An Application form and all documents for testing you can download on this link:  

The testing of the device is carried out by the applicants at distance via Skype, in accordance with the patent of Grigori Grabovoi: “Information Carrying System”